JUNE BUG LOVIN' | Loudoun County Extended Family Session

This photo session was a gift for June, the grandma of all these sweet kids, given to her by her two amazing daughters. June lives on a beautiful horse farm with horses that she's rescued as well as her treasured dogs. She has a love of nature, her family, and her pets - and it was so apparent. We had a fun morning of walking around her property, playing in the creek, petting the horses, and snuggling the sweet older dogs...

I loved, so much, getting to be a fly on the wall as this sweet family did what they do best - love one another. There was no expectation of perfection or posing, just to attempt to capture the love between a grandma and the joy that this place and these people and animals bring her. So many of these photographs evoked a feeling as I was working through them... I hope they end up on the walls and bring you all back to these treasured moments in time. Thanks for letting me hang out for the morning, it was such a pleasure.


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