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This year, I'm offering something called the Contemplative Content Sessions for Creatives. This is centered around the idea that what we share on public forums (whether it be email, blogs, or social media) should come from a place of intention. It's taking the time to put pen to paper and think about the foundations of your business, what you have to give with your unique gifts, and how you plan on connecting authentically with your ideal client by sharing from vulnerable and true places within you.

I had so much fun working with Misty of Misty Rodda Photography on this process. She's an incredible artist, but also a thoughtful and intuitive human, an unconditionally loving mother and wife, an impassioned musician, and a wonderful friend. All of the pieces of what makes her who she is came together to help her see her path of service to her clients more clearly. In her own words:

“When Ali announced that she would be offering content sessions, I knew it was exactly what

I needed at this point in my business. I had become increasingly frustrated with social media, and

confused about how to show up authentically, in order to attract my ideal clients. Ali sent me a wonderful questionnaire that helped me work through clear goals and intentions. I was surprised at how much clarity I found in the process, and before the session even started, I found myself excited at the potential of social media again. Even after sending the questionnaire, my wheels kept turning. Where I had felt lost and uninspired, creativity started to flow. The session itself felt comfortable, and Ali let me talk through things in order to know how to capture images that best reflected my heart and my business. The finished product is a gallery of images I’ll be proud to use, and far more clarity in how to use them. Ali is not just talented at photography, but at heart work, and the combination of those two things makes her perfectly suited for this type of session."

I was so touched at the part about heart work. That's exactly what this is. If you're a creative that's feeling in a slump and doing all you can to connect to your ideal clients, but feel stuck, these sessions are for you. If you are clear on your intentions, but need imagery to represent it more clearly, these are also for you. Photographers, yoga teachers, doulas, creative entrepreneurs of all kinds -- your clients want to know THE REAL YOU. Social media makes it easy to get lost in the curation and comparison and aesthetic and to forget about what connects us. The creative market is saturated with all different types of people with all different ways of seeing the world. This creates the diverse fabric of artistic expression that we love, but sometimes it also feels like we can get lost in it. Don't forget that regardless of how many people are out there "doing what you do" NO ONE does it the same way as you. There is only one of you, and if you want to connect in an authentic way, it requires the heart work of finding your voice and and the ways in which you're here to connect with people.

Straight from the heart is always the best place to begin.

I'm giving away ONE 50% OFF CONTEMPLATIVE CONTENT SESSION for one lucky person! If you know someone you think deserves a session like this to get their business rolling or if that someone is you, please reach out and tell me your story! ALL proceeds from this promotion will go to charity:water.

Please check out Misty Rodda Photography -- she's incredible!


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