A MOTHER AND HER DAUGHTERS | Fauquier County Lifestyle Family Session

This session was so dear to me. The interaction and emotion was completely authentic. Not a bit of our time together was posed or set up... I always love the results of that. I feel that my job as a photographer is to create a space for people to be themselves. To feel free and comfortable and accepted. I put a lot of thought into the importance of documenting real life. In five, ten, fifty years... we will want to remember what life felt like. We will want to talk to our kids about it, reminisce, show them, allow them to feel the love that surrounded them. Lifestyle family sessions create those memories. Planning a small activity and then letting life take it from there...

These three had such an ease and deep love between them. They effortlessly and beautifully fell into one another. The ebb and flow of emotion, from calm to joy, and places in between, all accepted with loving arms.

Thank you for having me.




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