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UPDATE | COVID Fundraiser

Hi again!

Just wanted to send a quick note to update everyone about the fundraiser going on and just to check in with all of you. First of all... the response and outpouring of support has been SO heart warming. We're very close to hitting our ONE THOUSAND dollar goal and I still have several sessions scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Thank you so, so much to every single one of you who has signed up, shared with your friends, and given anonymously just because. Means the world!

Secondly, don't you all feel some patterns emerging after being "in" this for a bit now? For me - writing, exercise, giving as much as possible, nature, and seeing other humans (from a distance) has been life-giving. A friend sent me this this morning and it filled my heart right up.

via @leilastead

It's true, isn't it? We are in this together.

One other thing I wanted to share with you all: This article by an astronaut who lived in space for a year, alone, and has some tips to share. Click here to read that article in a new tab.

My five tips for maintaining sanity:

1. If you're able, try to exercise to the point of raising your heartbeat and breaking a sweat at least once a day for 20 minutes. My go to for those of you that have a stationary bike: Kindred Mothers

2. Meditate in stillness/silence for at least 10 minutes a day. Yes, you can.

3. Journal. Find a pen you enjoy writing with and just write. Whatever comes up. You might be surprised what's hiding in your mind.

4. Go outside. Plant a garden. Even in a pot. Even just a seed. Clear the weeds, move some rocks. Have hope in what's to come.

5. Google hangout with your best friends. I did this last night and it was the best thing ever. We had a virtual happy hour and my face still hurts from laughing.

6. Find one way to help your community. Donate to a food bank, support a local business, honor the social distance that is in place while sharing a smile.

With that (because that's what happens on a good day) also, this:

(another thing sent from a friend, not sure of the source, sorry!)

Love you all,



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