Hi friend! I'm glad you came by. I'm Ali.

I am the owner and photographer of Freebird Imagery. I'm also a mother to three completely unique humans who challenge and inspire me every single day. I would say my children and my relationship with myself are my greatest teachers. I am on an eternal quest to become more present, more kind, more forgiving, more humble, and to act more and more from a place of love. Some things about me in no particular order... I probably read too many self-help books. I love cappuccinos and podcasts with all my heart. I think most things in life can be fixed by the ocean (specifically a sunset on Anna Maria Island), a really hot lavender bubble bath with candles, silence and journaling, belly laughter, a really long hug with someone who understands you, and all of the above in one day would be my idea of the perfect day. I meditate every day (or night) and find it to be my favorite way to connect with myself and be still enough to hear the wise whispers of my heart.

I tell stories with my camera.

I've been photographing people that love each other for 13+ years -- and it is such an honor. My favorite part of my work is creating tangible memories for people that authentically represent their connection and love. In college, I majored in sociology with a double minor in psychology and philosophy. When I started my business, I didn't think about the connection to what that experience has evolved into, but now it's crystal clear. I love people and their stories. I love the way they love each other, the way they interact and find solace apart and together, and what truths they hold dear that shape the way they choose to be in relationship with the world around them. Artfully preserving those things

makes me feel purposeful and so, so grateful.

I'm most inspired by nature, light, love, and story. 

I feel most alive standing next to the ocean, or being in the mountains. There is nothing more grounding to me than to be in awe of nature's beauty. Reading stories to my children at bedtime, journaling in silence, having a really good conversation, adventuring with my kids (especially when one of them reaches out to hold my hand), a great yoga class, playing the ukulele, decorating my house in the woods, traveling + exploring a new city, making espresso in the early morning sun, soulful live music, being in groups of women who lift each other up, or creating photos of humans in love are some of my

very favorite things in all the world.

I'd love to hear from you!

If these words resonate with you, please reach out to me. Just to chat, to share an idea or a thought, or to meet and create some art of your family -- I love all of it.



IMPORTANT NOTE: My hope is always to be a bridge builder, peaceful communicator, and open-minded human. I also have very firm boundaries around discrimination. Please know that I believe that LOVE IS LOVE and my goal is always to provide an inclusive and safe space to be your truest self. I am an ally and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and I support the Black Lives Matter movement. I hold onto the hope that equal rights and justice for all humans will prevail over hatred and bigotry. I do believe we're living in a peculiar time that presents an opportunity for learning, evolution in thought and mind, and staying open to a greater love for humanity. I'm here for it!