1. How do you define elopement?

Elopement doesn't mean running off for a quick secret wedding anymore! Elopement is an intimate and awe-inspiring wedding experience that creates an intentional, thoughtful, and joyful space to mark the creation of your marriage. With up to twenty five guests, these wedding celebrations can take place in a private garden, your backyard, a family farm, a local spot you love, a quaint inn, a mountain top, a tropical beach... Wherever it is, we create the space for it to be about THE TWO OF YOU and document it in an authentic and meaningful way. A once in a lifetime experience and day filled with all of the memories YOU want to make. A day crafted just for you.


2. Where should we elope?

We offer an exclusive private garden location in The Plains, VA which also has an Airbnb on the property for you to get ready and stay the night(s). If you already have your own place in mind, or have already booked a venue, that's also great! I've compiled a list of my favorite breathtaking locations that I find to be incredible for elopements and intimate weddings ranging from spots in Shenandoah National Park to private beach getaways in Anna Maria Island, FL. If you want help finding somewhere incredible, reach out to start planning your experience today!

3. Can we invite anyone?

Yes! Our elopements cover weddings up to twenty five guests but you have the option of having just the two of you and us (the photographers), or only an officiant. Some states (like our favorite island in Florida) require two witnesses (and we can be those people for you!) This day is about you and who you do and don't invite is your choice. We encourage you to keep the focus on crafting this day to be thoughtfully and intentionally enjoyed by the two of you.

4. Is eloping (here or abroad) actually a legal marriage?

Legal requirements for marriage vary by state. In my home state of Virginia, no witnesses are required, for example. In Washington, DC, a self-solemnizing ceremony is allowed, where NO ONE, not even an officiant has to be present! In Florida (where my favorite place - Anna Maria Island is located) requires two witnesses (and luckily, you have two photographers!). Depending on where you choose to have your elopement (and the world is literally your oyster), we can help you find out all of the legal requirements for that state or country. Most international elopement couples choose to make their marriage official by signing a marriage certificate and getting their marriage license, but we all know, the real magic of beginning a marriage is when you look one another in the eye and declare it yourselves. Let us know if you want more information about your possible elopement location or if you'd like suggestions!

5. Do I need a wedding officiant?

In Virginia, you must have a valid marriage license at the time the ceremony is performed. You have many options for who can officiate your wedding - your sibling, your best friend, or we have a favorite we can recommend, too! Again, the laws vary depending on where but many people choose to deal with the legal stuff separately from the magic of their day. We love the non-traditional route and have many unique and powerful ways to symbolize the joining of your lives together. Blaze a new trail for yourselves!

6. Can you talk me through this?


Yep! Give me a call and let's talk through all of your thoughts and ideas and come up with a plan! We have an incredible list of possible locations (both local and elsewhere) that we are familiar with and LOVE, and we are also always up for discovering something new with you! Reach out and let's get started!

7. How much does elopement photography cost?


Full Day Elopements: starting at $3500. Please reach out for our Welcome Guide and to pick a package that works best for you or craft a custom one!




1. What is lifestyle family photography?


Lifestyle photography, to me, is a naturally flowing session that documents your life as it truly is at that time. My favorite lifestyle sessions are either at an outdoor location that your family can explore and play together, doing a favorite activity, or in your home. My goal is to capture a mix of authentic and beautiful portraits and candid images that can transport you back to that moment in time.


2. What can I expect at our session?

When I first arrive (whether it be at an outdoor location on your home), I'll take a few minutes to let the kids warm up and give time for everyone to get acquainted. I never want our time together to feel rushed or stiff in any way. We'll let the natural flow of your family dynamic guide the direction of the session so that our images tell the truth about the emotion and connection you share. If we do the session in your home, we'll try to stay in the most well-lit areas, near windows or minimal spaces. Please don't feel any need to clean for me -- I have three kids, I get it. We'll move stuff around if needed but it's my job to make anything look good. ;)

3. What should we wear?

This is totally personal, I think. I prefer light/neutral colored and flowy/organic materials just because I think it keeps the focus on the people and the emotions but I also know that if a four year old wants to wear underwear and a superman cape or a tiara and a princess dress, or all four things together - it's all good. Those are truly some of my favorite photos. You will, in 20 years, want to remember them as they were, not them in the outfit you fought all morning for them to wear. With that being said, there are plenty of good ideas online about how to coordinate clothes and what looks best in photos if the aesthetic is important to you!

4. How can I get my kids to cooperate?

Try as best you can to let me handle this one. :) As a mom, I know kids listen best to, well.... not their parents. ;) I never "make" kids do anything, I just will gently suggest something and hopefully it appeals to them and sounds fun! If not, we move on to something else. I try to keep it flowing and keep them engaged (and give breaks when needed!). The biggest compliment I get is from kids saying that it was so fun and that they don't want it to end. I want it to feel like a family adventure, not a torture session. Lifestyle sessions are designed to build in down time so that it unfolds organically and never feels forced, rushed, or pressure-y.

5. Where and when should we do our session?

If you do them in your home, we'll choose the room(s) with the most natural window light. Typically we flow from inside to outside (and back and forth if necessary), and just see how it unfolds. My job will be looking for the best and most beautiful light as we go along. If you'd rather do a park or other outdoor location, that's great too! If you're stumped on a spot to choose, I have plenty of great recommendations that keep kids having fun and are also beautiful! We're lucky to live in a gorgeous state with lots of options! In terms of time, I prefer to do sessions an hour or so after sunrise or a couple hours before sunset. In-home sessions can be done in the later morning through early afternoon to allow for the most light coming through the winows.

6. Will I get the digital photos + rights to my images?

Yes! I know whenever we get photos taken of our family, it's important to me to have the digital copies. I am super passionate about printing and framing photos and making photo books (and would love to help you with that as well!) but you do have the rights to all the images as well as the digital high resolution photos. I do maintain the license and rights to use the images on my website, blog, or other marketing materials, however you can opt-out of this if you wish!

7. Tell me more about booking a newborn session + how that goes.

I photograph births, fresh 48 sessions (a session within the first 48 hours of birth, either at the hospital or home), as well as newborn sessions. I accept a very limited amount of births per year because babies are on their own schedule and I clear quite a bit of time before and after the due date to make sure I'm available for you. Fresh 48 sessions are super flexible and can be scheduled pretty last minute (if I know your estimated due date and have you on the list). Newborns are best photographed in the first two weeks of life, and preferably within the first 9 days. This way we can really capture that wrinkly itty bitty baby phase that they outgrow way too quickly. These moments are so, so fleeting and precious.

In terms of how a newborn session unfolds -- every baby is so different. I do these sessions at 10 or 11 AM just give sleep deprived parents a chance to be caffeinated and move around a bit before I arrive. :) Also, this time of day is the brightest, so it works well for letting in ample window light! I block out about 2 hours and am very flexible with when the baby needs to eat, mom needs a break, anything. I've had three newborns myself and my number one goal is to deliver you photos that you will treasure forever of one of life's most incredible moments but also to make you feel like you have an old comfortable friend over for a couple of hours. Please never worry about me or the timing or anything else for that matter. :) I try to keep everyone relaxed and capture your life with a newborn as authentically and artistically as possible, sprinkling in some portraits as we go.

8. What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, check (made out to Freebird Imagery), or Venmo. You may use PayPal but there is a 3% processing fee if you would like to use a credit card. You can use your bank account on PayPal with no fee.

9. When and how will I receive my photos?

I will send you a sneak peek within 48 hours, because if you're anything like me, you truly can not wait longer than that to see SOMETHING! I will send your online gallery to you within three weeks of our session date (but typically much sooner). You can download all of the high resolution images directly from the gallery as well as share it with family and friends. You have the ability to customize (mark some as private, etc.) before you share or you can download them and share on whatever platforms you wish. I do ask that you credit my website when sharing the photos on social media. If you'd like to purchase prints, you can do so directly from the gallery as well. If you'd like to order albums or framed photographs (my favorite things in all the world!) I can help you with that process after you view your photos.

10. What's the booking process like?

After I receive your inquiry, you should hear back from me within 24-48 hours. We'll chat a bit via email to ensure that we're a good fit, and at that point we can look at scheduling your session. Ideally, booking 2 to 3 months out is best to find a great time that works well for both parties. I do require a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to hold your place on my calendar. The remainder of the payment is due on the day of our session.

11. What if something happens and we have to cancel?

I totally understand and consider myself a very flexible and easy-going person! I also have multiple kids and get that things come up that are out of our control. I just ask that you let me know as soon as you realize that you won't be able to make the time slot we've reserved and we can set something else up when you're ready. Your deposit will go towards your rescheduled session. If you have to cancel and do not wish to reschedule, the $100 deposit is non-refundable.

12. What is a Contemplative Creative Session?

These "branding sessions" are my new babies. Literally! Once my last baby was no longer a baby, these were born in my brain. :) If you've read Big Magic, you know what I'm saying. These sessions are for creatives of any kind, but I must say, female entrepreneurs are my fave (represent)! If you run a non-profit, you're a yoga teacher, photographer, artist, whatever... let's create something meaningful together. Not a fake instagram life I can curate beautifully for you, but think of combining vulnerabilities and strengths, hard conversations and laughter. We'll do some heart work (contemplation and journaling) to get a clear picture of your goals and trajectory of your business for the near future and long term. We work together to design and create imagery that can let you communicate and connect with the people you're hoping to reach and give you a clear focus on where you're headed. A must for any new small business owner, and any business owner looking to refresh and gain some clarity and energize themselves - and thereby, their brand. These sessions are all about YOU and what makes your offerings unique. As Dr. Seuss said best, "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."

13. How much do your photography sessions cost?

Newborn Session (in-home): $550

Lifestyle family Session (2 hour indoor + out): $600

45 minute Outdoor Session: $450

Motherhood Session: $450

High School Seniors: $600

20 Minute Mini Session (I host 1-2 dates per year): $300

Contemplative Creative Session (1 hour of "homework", 1 hour of consult, + 1 hour of photography: $650

Company Headshots: $50/person - 5 person minimum

Please contact me for more detailed info + pricing. If you have another idea in mind for something you don't see listed, please don't hesitate to email me for a customized quote! Also, please email me to further discuss what each session entails.